Swill helps save the holidays for one analytics company.

Customer Profile

Founded in 2006, this technology company began with the mission to harness artificial intelligence for real-time audience insights and analytics. Initially focusing on providing free website traffic and demographic information, it soon expanded its services to include programmatic advertising and advanced audience measurement tools. Over the years, the company became known for its innovative use of AI and machine learning to help businesses optimize their marketing strategies and understand consumer behavior. Through continuous technological advancements and a commitment to privacy compliance, it has solidified its position as a leader in the digital advertising and data analytics space.

The Problem: Urgent Shipment of 300+ Client Gifts Hampered by Inconsistent Delivery Information

Having previously assisted this company with their office happy hours, they approached us to coordinate holiday gifts for their clients. Corporate gifting is a common and thoughtful gesture during the holiday season, serving as a way to thank clients for their support throughout the year.

Typically, the planning for such initiatives begins in September, but this client reached out with only four weeks remaining in the year. Time was not on their side, and to complicate matters, they had not finalized their client gifting list. When we eventually received the list, it was riddled with errors such as missing apartment numbers, incorrect zip codes, and misspelled addresses. We soon discovered that the addresses provided were outdated and possibly inaccurate. With just three weeks left before the year’s end, we faced a ticking clock and an urgent need to find a swift and effective solution.

The Solution: Automate Address Collection and Gift Order Processing

We had a list of over 300 clients who were to receive gifts, but we lacked up-to-date addresses for each of them. With the holiday season in full swing, there was no time to call over 300 people to obtain their latest addresses. We needed to think creatively and leverage technology to tackle this problem.

The main challenge was ensuring the accuracy of the recipients’ addresses, which were likely outdated. Since we had their email addresses, we developed a tool to email all recipients. We informed them that a gift was being sent on behalf of their vendor and requested them to provide their current address to receive it. Upon entering their address, our backend system would automatically generate a shipping label for our vendor to process and dispatch the gift order. The system also sent regular email reminders to clients until they provided a delivery address. Within a week, we received responses from nearly 98% of the recipients, all without any manual intervention. The entire process was automated from start to finish.

Key Achievements

  • We needed to obtain up-to-date addresses from over 300 individuals across the country, so we developed a tool to automate the entire process.
  • Using just their email addresses, we were able to complete this task within a week. Recipients simply opened their emails and filled out an online form to provide their updated delivery address.
  • This approach eliminated the need for time-consuming tasks such as calling 300+ individuals, leaving voicemails, and scheduling callbacks.
  • This tool is now actively used for other customers who need to bulk send gifts, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.

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