White Horse Blended Scotch 375ml

White Horse Blended Scotch 375ml

Delivers a smooth and distinctive taste, the result of an intriguing blend of crisp grain, clean malt and earthy peat. Drink it as the connoisseurs do...On the rocks or with a splash of soda or water. White Horse also enjoys the company of mixers such as Appletiser, ginger ale, lemonade and cola. Go ahead - experiment.

White Horse is an extraordinary Scotch, not least of all because it is a blend of 40 whiskies drawn from a select range of malt and grain whiskies from across the Highlands, Lowlands and Islay. The result is an intriguing blend that resonates with undertones of the Islay malts at its heart - Caol Ila and Lagavulin to name but two - all characterised by the salt-laden sea spray that soaks the peat used the dry the malted barley.


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