Zico Coconut Water 12pk/1L Bottles

Zico Coconut Water 12pk/1L Bottles

Back in the States, in 2004, Mark left his corporate career to create ZICO Premium Coconut Water, initially selling it out of a van to New York City yoga studios. He couldn't make it quickly enough: customers were hooked on its refreshing taste and restorative qualities.

The story goes on to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, where our suppliers source coconuts from hundreds of local farmers and work directly with coconut plantations ? many that have been in families for generations ? to bring you simple, honest-to-goodness hydration.

Our story continues with you. We're passionate about finding ways to help everyone achieve the balance they need throughout the day, and think ZICO's hydration benefits can be one small step towards that balance, whether you seek them out in the board room, at the kitchen table, after a run, or in a moment to yourself.


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