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Our company. Our People. Our culture.

Why choose Swill

Alcohol and technology are our passions. Our platform is hand crafted by artists, dreamers and engineers focused on building something that others will love, use and share. The best technology backed by people who love what they do best.

Our Mission

Our mission is use innovative technology to make the discovery and purchase of alcohol a fun, educational and seamless experience.

What we do

We connect consumers, retailers and taste makers together on one unified platform to create a dynamic marketplace and discovery platform for wine, beer and spirits. We proudly support small and local business.

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Eric Wong

CEO & Co-Founder

Enjoying a fine single malt, craft beer or a great bottle of wine with family and friends are some of my favorite things that I enjoy in life. The best recommendations have come from trusted friends.

We built SWILL to be your guide to wine, beer and spirits discovery. And when you're ready to make a purchase, our platform will enable you to buy at the click of a button from a local merchant in your area. Ready for pickup or delivered to your door in under 60 minutes.

That means more time for friends and good times ahead. Sounds good to me.

Andrew Young

Andrew Young

CTO & Co-Founder

Drinking alcohol is inherently social. It's generally the center piece of every social event. Why is purchasing alcohol such an isolating and boring experience?

Buying alcohol should be a fun and engaging. We built a technology platform that delivers the perfect combination of entertainment, education and convenience all in one package. Purchasing wine, beer or spirits just got a lot easier and fun.

Dave Vainchenker

David Vainchenker

Director of Stategy, Partnerships and Brands

Navigating the path of fast moving startup requires vision and the right stategy.

At SWILL, we have an exciting opportunity to help truly transform the alcohol purchasing experience. A big part of our long term success is establishing partnerships and relationships that can help maximize the potential of our platform.

Tae Lee

Tae Lee

Director of Sales

Our large and diverse retailer network provides our customers with a vast selection of products at the click or touch of a button. It is extremely rewarding to discover all the great retailers around the country and introducing them to the exciting possibilities of the SWILL platform.

Technology and great customer service is what defines SWILL and our company.